Our Partners

We want every aspect of our business to reflect our commitment to making our neighborhood a better place. We have carefully chosen our suppliers based upon the quality of their product, their ties to the local neighborhood, and a commitment to ethical sourcing. From where our coffee is grown to the local sourcing for the ingredients in the pastries, we want to stand behind every item we sell in our shop. Scroll down to learn more about our partners and what they are all about.



Thrive Farmers

We not only want to create a space that benefits our neighborhood, but also benefit the farmers who work hard to provide the best coffee possible.

Thrive Farmers have adopted a farmer-direct sourcing model that allows their farmers to sell their green coffee at market value. Thrive sees the farmer as a partner and so they profit as a partner.

Here’s a helpful article on Thrive or you can learn more from their website.  



We have also partnered with Coava, a local roaster right here in our neighborhood.

”Coava is committed to long term, sustainable partnerships with coffee producers. As far as we’re concerned, obtaining high scoring green coffee is only the beginning. We are dedicated to a sourcing model that is not only good for farmers but is good for the industry as a whole. Being socially responsible, honest, and investing in infrastructure allows us to get the same great coffees each year, to build trust between us and our producers, and to offer stability and security to the coffee producing communities we partner with. We recognize that it is the growers, not us, who determine a coffee's potential and we are honored to work with producers who take such pride in their work.”

Learn more about Coava and what they’re all about here.


Diaspora Coffee & Chai Co.

We are so pleased to offer Desi-Chai, a product of Diaspora Coffee & Chai Co. Made fresh right here in Portland, the founder and owner personally delivers to our store every week. Not only do they have an incredible vegan product, their mission as a company is one that we aspire to at Eastside.

From their website: “Our mission is to empower refugees and immigrants who are starting a new life here in Portland, Oregon. It is a real struggle to secure a job without having prior work experience, let alone a lack of language. Our purpose is to bridge that gap…we will provide 3 to 6 months of in-depth job skills and English training, while creating a positive environment for cultural integration for our aspirant candidates. Through networking and partnerships with local cafes and restaurants our employees will then be placed in jobs throughout the city.”

If we are successful, then companies like Diaspora are successful in their mission. You can try their incredible chai at Eastside, you won't regret it!




We are proud to offer pastries from a local bakery, Bakeshop. Bakeshop, owned and operated by James Beard award winning pastry chef, Kim Boyce, uses whole grains to inspire new flavors and textures in rustic, seasonal, and sophisticated pastries. Kim opened Bakeshop in Northeast Portland in 2011, and has been happily growing her business here ever since. She's also been a James Beard Award semifinalist for Outstanding Baker in both 2016 and 2019. Delivered fresh everyday, their attention to quality and consistency makes Bakeshop a wonderful addition to our menu! We hope you come in and try one of their delicious pastries.