A Space to Share with our Neighbors


Our Purpose

Do you remember a time when “being neighborly” meant something more than a smile and an awkward wave to the person who lives next to you? When doing the “neighborly thing” meant going out of your way to help someone else, sacrificing personal time for their benefit? When “being neighborly” meant showing hospitality to one another?

Our purpose is to create a space with this in mind, a place that will benefit our neighborhood.

Our purpose is to serve the surrounding neighborhood by providing an environment that encourages community, creativity, and conversation. We hope that in providing a workspace environment, people can come together to collaborate on projects, work remotely and privately, or simply grab a cup of coffee. Our desire is to extend hospitality to anyone who walks through our doors and we hope that you would join us in creating a space to share with our neighbors.


Community, Creativity, & Conversation



We are a non-profit coffee shop from Hinson Baptist Church with a creative workspace. We are located in the foyer of the Hinson Annex building, a renovated church building that is now office space for Hinson staff and other non-profit organizations. Many non-profits struggle to find an affordable space to host the occasional meeting or do group work. We hope that our space would be used to this end.

We not only want to make the space accessible, we also want to make it affordable. You will notice that our menu prices are suggested, so we ask that you please pay what you are willing or able. All the proceeds, which stay within Eastside Coffee, go to covering our overhead costs and toward our mission in creating an inexpensive workspace that for-profits and non-profits alike can utilize.